Well Formulated Ketogenic Diet Gayville Yankton


A well-formulated ketogenic diet does not necessarily adhere to traditional dietary guidelines; Admittedly, this list may appear a bit daunting. However, for many people, the short and long-term health benefits of nutritional ketosis (NK) more than justify the efforts needed to achieve and maintain it.

A WELL-FORMULATED KETOGENIC DIET Low Carbohydrate Moderate Protein High Fat Changes primary fuel source to fat (ketones) from carbohydrate (glucose) Adipose tissue is method of storing our preferred fuel source Meaningful weight loss without muscle loss (Paoli et al., 2013)

Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet. When it comes to the ketogenic diet, there’s little denying it can result in profound benefits.And while some claims are anecdotal, some have been scientifically demonstrated only in animals, and some are downright outrageous, a well-formulated ketogenic diet can support a long list of health benefits including: 1.

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