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UAB expert offers tips for teens, parents on staying safe during summer months and activities – "If your child or adolescent plans to be exercising longer than that -; particularly in the sun for more than a few hours -; hydrating with a sports drink that can replace water and electrolytes like.

Scientific Principles and Clinical Implications of Perioperative Glucose Regulation and Control – The ischemic brain reverts to anaerobic metabolism and lactate production and is dependent on lactate for its source of energy. Decreasing glucose levels rapidly and acutely may decrease the lactate.

Bioelectricity of Cancer, a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal Bioelectricity, has just been published. Two promising discoveries are well delineated: an ultra-sensitive tool to detect cancer.

Atkins Foundation Veggies Salem Mccook All three sessions include a visit to the adjacent Union County Demonstration Garden, where volunteers with the Rutgers Master Gardeners Program of Union County grow thousands of pounds of fresh. In the first weeks, most carbs come from leafy greens and other high-fiber, non-starchy foundation vegetables. Carb intake increases slightly over time. Cauliflower is among