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KPFA Host And PNB treasurer Brian Edwads-Tiekert Grabbing More Air Time.

Coconut Miracle Cookbook”, “The Coconut Ketogenic Diet“, “The New Arthritis Cure” (featuring coconuts) and“Stop Autism Now!”.

(CNN) — Chipotle, eager to promote itself as a healthy choice, tweaked its menu to fit with trendy diet plans. Beginning Wednesday, the Mexican food chain will begin offering “Lifestyle Bowls,” a new.

Medscape Medical News, October 2012 New Form of Autism May Be Treatable With Supplement.

Reuters Health Information, August 2012 ASHPKetogenic Diet Reduces Seizures in Many Kids With Epilepsy The.

Atkins Protein Bar Mansfield Brown DIET: The All-new Atkins Advantage. the chips, the chocolate bars – all the foods you tend to indulge in. It doesn’t work because it’s high-protein. It works because they take all the garbage out.". He also adds in a few protein shakes or bars and an occasional beer — one of the. The restaurant’s menu

These included certain antiepileptic drugs (particularly valproate, lamotrigine, and levetiracetam), the ketogenic and modified Atkins diet, and immunomodulation and neurofeedback treatments.

The streaming giant quietly released a show about the controversial ketogenic diet earlier.

several people who claim a diet high in protein and fat but low in carbohydrates can help alleviate.

Tell us about your partnerships with Hospitals to offer Ketogenic Dietary Therapies (KDTs) to children suffering from epilepsy? We have developed a special ketogenic diet – MetaNutrition.


particularly the ketogenic diet, were perceived to improve both seizures and other symptoms. "The information gained from this study will help physicians more effectively manage children with autism.

Ketogenic diet may prevent cognitive decline: Study – The Ketogenic Diet has previously shown positive effects for patients with other neurological disorders, including epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and autism. For the study published in the journal.