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Elite: Dangerous is the long-awaited fourth game in the Elite series by David Braben and Frontier Developments.The game was announced in 1997 as Elite: IV, but the dying space simulator market combined with a lack of funding for the game ensured that it remained Vaporware for 15 years, before getting funding via Kickstarter in 2012 and finally releasing for PC in December 2014.

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The only portion of the conversion that we’d prepped in advance was the fuel system, as Grant Peterson in our tech.

more than the comparatively low-buck big-block with its questionable cast crank.

Sep 21, 2019  · It’s a pretty easy trip from Colonia, as much as any trip is safe.I thought it was much further than it seemed.As for the fuel scooping,i have never really understood the issue.But that just makes my glass half full.Under the old ADS system,maybe, but my refuel time is hardly ever wasted time and a system devoid of planetary bodies is a.