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But as energy prices edged higher this summer, many motorists wondered: Is that it? Are there any new ways to fill up for less? As a matter of fact, there are. For example, did you know the day of the.

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“I feel like we’re just building so much in Holland,” said resident and shopper Sindie Mata. “I remember what it was like when there weren’t so many businesses. It’d be nice to leave some of Holland.

if not how to address it 3 combat veterans unite on first day of new Congress: ‘5 eyes. 5 arms. 4 legs. All American.’ MORE (R-Ind.) introduces himself as a newcomer to Congress in a few weeks. And.

The track will host the 28th annual Jim McClure All-Harley World Finals on Saturday and Sunday, and Tharpe, a past winner at the Richmond County strip, would like nothing.

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Every year NFL prospects strip down to their underwear and are paraded around in front of scouts and executives in an event known as the weigh-in. This is the first time official heights and weights.

Monica Holland: It’s all happening, all around you, all the time – I savored it like a good piece of hard candy, or a tough strip of fatback. How many people even looked.

My stepdad remarried after Mom died. His new daughter-in-law lived in Malibu, California. She.

In Bong Joon Ho’s new film, a destitute family occupies a wealthy household in an elaborate scheme that goes comically — then horribly — wrong.

NC teachers who carry concealed guns in schools would get pay raises under new proposed law – Teachers in North Carolina could get a pay raise if they carry concealed guns in the classroom under proposed new school self-defense legislation.

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